A real estate ruckus.

Within the ever swirling controversy that is the real estate industry, new seismic activity is happening.  A real estate earthquake is approaching. Agent Match. What is Agent Match?  Just like it sounds. A way to match an agent with a consumer.  This isn’t a new concept.  Realtor.com is one of the top four consumer visited […]

Take that

Take that! No, I’m not talking about the British boy band. In a complete in-your-face move, Bend agent Kip Lohr, came out with his “3 Beats 6″ business model.    What is that?  He is no longer offering buyer agent compensation to buyer’s agents.  He strictly charges his sellers a listing fee, and buyer’s need […]

Dear RE Net

Dear RE Net, Sometimes you just have to say your piece and move on.  So that’s what I’m here to do. There is no point in expending mental energy on something that isn’t going to get resolved as that is time away from friends, family, and whatever gives you passion in your life. Like many […]

Shoo Fly Shoo

A bazillion years ago in the land of make believe real estate, there wasn’t a thing called buyer agency.  All real estate agents either represented the seller directly or were a “sub-agent” of the seller.    I personally call this submarine agency since these were agents lurking beneath the waters torpedoing buyers with “representation.”  What […]

The PR disaster

In 2007, NAR came out with the now infamous “It’s a good time to buy” campaign.  As home prices tumbled and the bubble had partially burst, NAR came out with the public confidence building campaign to encourage home ownership. This, of course, backfired with consumers and was distasteful to many agents who were sitting down […]


Before there were calculators, there were fingers.  If you needed more than 10, well you had toes for that. Need more than that?  Move onto sticks, marbles, or those highly florescent humongous jaw-breakers, because let’s face it, everyone looks stupid with one of those things in their mouth so you might as well use them […]


“Aren’t you looking to increase your internet presence?” questioned the voice on the other end of the line. Ah…the tie-down question.  A tie-down question is a pressure technique used to make people answer a question with a yes that would make them sound stupid if they said no.  What business would say no to wanting […]

All industries have an internal culture and politics that define systems and ways to conduct business.  Most of us don’t care about the internal politics unless it affects us directly.  When I go to the doctor, I want the doctor paying attention to me and  providing service to me.  I’m selfish that way if I’m paying […]

I was supposed to write a thankful post.  That’s what every blogger does this time of year, right? I’m supposed to write some thought provoking post about how I am thankful for the multitude of things in my life.  Gathering dust on a shelf are those “thankful” cards I’m supposed to send out to my […]

Floating around the real estate blogosphere is a discussion created by Chris Smith over at Inman.  He wrote a post stating that real estate is no longer a relationship business.  Essentially he was saying he doesn’t want to be friends with his real estate agent after the transaction.  As of today there were 153 comments […]