The Clash of the Undertones

“I always find it helpful to ask what their favorite piece of clothing is,” she said. “Aagggghhhhh she picked all hot pink clothes for school this year.  I mean ALL hot pink.” I replied.  Considering it took us four coats to cover the hot pink that had been there previously, I wasn’t too excited about […]

Think closet organizers…

I think it is a good time to buy a home that is a fixer.  Before you start thinking that I’ve been wandering around in our national forests and maybe partaking of some of the “natural flora” that we have out there, let me explain. It’s a good time to buy a fixer in our […]

A few years ago I went to a house owned by a single man here in Salem Oregon.  He was contemplating putting his home on the market.  “What do I need to do to get the house ready?” he asked.  “Bulldoze it?” was what I really wanted to say, but with all my mental might […]

Jive it with color

Anyone who has been around me for the past month knows that the water pipes that run above my son’s room just gave out and damaged his room.   I have a 1960′s home that needs a lot of work and so I believe that if you have to open up walls, upgrade at the same […]

As real estate agent, I have the opportunity to go into many homes and get great design and decorating ideas. My current home was a home that needed a lot of work on it. Every year is a project on it. This year I was thinking of tackling the kitchen. The kiddos are old enough, […]